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  Quan Feng company is located in the seashore Zou Lu said the beautiful coastal city - Shantou, here adjacent to the airport, ports, railway stations, the transportation is convenient. Quan Feng company is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing, services in one of the high-tech enterprises, to build a PVC film industry in China's outstanding suppliers. Guangdong Quanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is by the Hong Kong Quan Feng Development Co., Ltd in China, founded a specializing in the production of PVC film enterprises, the company was founded in 1999, the total amount of investment of $12 million, existing plant 20000 square meters, more than 150 employees, professional and technical personnel of the 40 more than person. Company in September 2001 through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.
  Fung wide plastic PVC film brand "" QCP with excellent flatness and deodorant effect, excellent printing performance, suitable for processing into various products. Main types are: inflatable membrane, non-toxic environmental protection film, packaging materials (handbags, quilt bag, scrap), electrostatic film, umbrella raincoat film, stationery material (business cards, folder), home decorative film, automotive decorative film, advertising inkjet film, Lengbiao film, which used to supply advertising printing film products is has a good reputation in the market. In this at the same time, we also committed to development and application in the field of high-end: such as the change of PVC film, sea rescue activities, yachts, medical supplies, insulation tape, travel accessories and rubber substitute.
  Fung wide plastic PVC film can meet European safety standards for low toxicity, low toxicity safety standard in the United States, Europe 2005 / 84 / EC on phthalates content control standard, eight kinds of heavy metals (antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium, lead) tends to zero. At the same time, it can meet the special requirements of the various: with phenol, does not contain nonylphenol, does not contain barium, fire (BS5852), cold, anti static, high elasticity, resistance to cold and sulfur, mildew, fragrance, anti UV, low odor and special products of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) tends to zero. The main products are: MATTEL, HASBRO, WAL-MART, the United States EA, the European LIDL company, The Walt Disney Company, Japan, Japan, the new generation of japan.
  Fung wide plastic by world famous brand of raw materials, and Formosa, South Korea's LG, South Korea AEKYUNG, Exxon, Shin Etsu, Japan Solectron, bear brand in Germany, Germany BASF, British echo and large enterprises to form a good long-term cooperation partnership. Environmental protection does not contain P (phthalate), the German BASF DINCH plasticizer, BASF DINCH belongs to non plasticizer phthalic acid ester plasticizer is Mattel, Hasbro toy specified materials, meet the Europe and the United States of ortho phthalic acid ester content standards in toys and baby products, no harm to the environment, no reproductive hazards, conforms to the German and Japanese food standard.
  Quan Feng plastic has imported the four roll calender PVC professional production line three sets and equipment are imported from Taiwan, the capacity 18000MT to 24000MT/ years, can film production 0.07-0.80mm films.
  Science and technology is the first productivity, Guangdong Quanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in adhering to the to of new materials, new technology, new energy is applied continuously at the same time, more the introduction of talent, strengthen among domestic universities and cooperation, to hire, Professor of Chemical Research Institute of the University of Sichuan do as a technical advisor, the level of scientific research and innovation ability has been continuously improved and timely and accurately to provide strong technical support and technical services for customers.
  Quan Feng company adhere to the management philosophy of "innovation, integrity, harmony and gratitude"; advocate innovation, the pursuit of excellence, strive for perfection, grow together with customers, suppliers, employees, progress, to create a for social service and contribution spirit strong team; the company donate, enthusiastic about public welfare, social return, dares to undertake the social responsibility. Willing to work with friends from all corners of the country of our contacts, create brilliant future hand in hand.

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